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It's easy enough to tell you what we do - we specify, design and build software. We write code. We make things.

But what we think is special - and really allows us to add value - is how we do it. We're here to help you put the tools which your business needs in place and that involves a whole process from our initial consultation right through to the release and ongoing support of your new system(s).

We're here to help. To make sure you get not just what you want, but what you need.

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The Team

Matt Chatterley

Matt Chatterley

Owner, Architect & Lead Developer

With fifteen years experience in software, Matt started out in hospitality and his first IT job was working on a stock-taking system. He's also worked in telecoms and on other business intelligence systems.

Steve Hatchard

Steve Hatchard

Senior Developer & Database Expert

For over twenty years, Steve has worked in software development across several industries (including finance, telecoms and hospitality).
He also used to be Matt's boss!

Chris Wharton

Chris Wharton

Designer, UX, Front-end Developer, WordPress Guru

Having worked in design for nearly a decade, Chris has designed websites big and small (amongst other things). He's also a WordPress expert.
Here, he's the creative one on the team and is responsible for the look, feel and user experience.

Sue Chatterley

Sue Chatterley

Office Manager, Administrator, First-Line Support

Having run her own businesses for many years (don't mention soap machines) and working in several other jobs in retail, Sue has taken responsibility for managing much of the business administration, looking after the accounts and responding to client emails and support enquiries. She's also Matt's mum!

It could be... you!

We are now recruiting..

Apprentice Developer

We are currently interviewing for a position with our team as an Apprentice. Although we aren't going to be hiring anyone else immediately after this, it's possible we will have another vacancy early in 2016, so please check back!

Software should adapt to suit your business processes, not the other way around. We can help.

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