The Team

Matt Chatterley

Owner, Architect & Lead Developer

With 15+ years experience in software development; Matt started out in hospitality until his first IT job - 3rd line support for a stock-taking system. Specialising in Software-as-a-Service, he has also worked in verticals such as Telecoms, Price Comparison and Event Booking.

Rosa Chatterley

Office Manager

Rosa is responsible for all the day-to-day activities which keep everyone (and everything) organised, including invoicing - and dealing with your domain registrations and G Suite subscriptions. No extra charge for our 'lockdown kitchen' view!

Perry Marquer


After finishing the Digital Jersey Coding Programme in the first half of 2016, Perry joined our team to continue his journey and has worked on a wide range of projects in languages including PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

Tiago Soares

Junior Developer

Originally a student on the Digital Jersey Coding Programme, but now one of its mentors, Tiago is an enthusiastic and inventive developer whose passion for technology is clearly visible when he's working and teaching alike

Adrian Grigorescu

Junior Developer

Having joined our team during the 2020 pandemic, Adrian is currently working on Python (and Django) projects, which we hope will give him the opportunity to broaden his horizons and continue his journey with us in the future.

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