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by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley

Some of you have probably ended up here looking for Mattched IT - and might be wondering who we are. Well, broadly speaking, you're in the right place.

Steve and I own and run Mattched IT in Waterlooville, but are in the process of migrating existing clients to Codentia, a new company which I have set up in Jersey. The primary reason behind this is that as we look to grow our team and the business, this is where it's going to happen (we can talk about why later).

If you're an existing client, don't worry - we've got everything under control - we'll be in touch with you as and when you will be affected and there will be no interruptions to service. Your billing will change over and if we currently charge you VAT, Codentia won't. That's about the size of it!

As you'll also see, we have a shiny new website (which we are still testing) - although we have imported all our old blog posts, as some of them were quite good (it was too much work to filter out the naff ones, so they're still there. Sorry!). On the blog front, I'm aiming to write more regularly, so you might want to sign up for our newsletter or join us on facebook to make sure you don't miss out.

In addition to this, we are looking to run a WordPress training course for small business owners / entrepreneurs who want to run and maintain their own sites - this will be a trial run initially and will be at a significant discount (with a very small class size). Get in touch if you'd like some more information as places will be very limited.

Oh - and if you know anyone bright who is looking for a new opportunity, send them to us. We are currently on the hunt for the right person to join our team as an Apprentice Developer, a role which presents a great opportunity for the right person to get in at the ground level. More information: codentia.pinpointhq.com/jobs/2.

That's it, really. We look forwards to working with (or posting at) you in the future!

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