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by Steve Hatchard Steve Hatchard
So read on and learn more about what we do..

Warning: this article containing terms of an IT technical nature. If you do not speak geek or acronyms then this article may not be for you. Of course, I hope you'll read on anyway!

If you're still reading, I will assume you are an IT professional, enthusiatic amateur or someone with a fascination for IT articles. The point being, I'm going to assume a certain level of technical knowledge.

Because much of our recent activity has been website development, many of our customers and business partners tend to think we ONLY do web development - but this is not actually the case. In fact, we do web development because most of the enquiries we receive are web orientated. We are actually a bespoke software development business (with plenty of web experience).

Bespoke Development (Tailor-made software)

Bespoke (as cited in Wikipedia) is an English term employed in a variety of situations to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification. Yep thats us. That's our raison d'etre. Our focus.

You have an IT-related problem (or need). We work with you to solve that problem and fulfill that need. Whatever the platform or technology - we are not limited to only web solutions.

I admit that recently, we have primarily produced web based applications - because the world is mainly looking for web solutions. However, it has not been unknown for us to create Windows Applications or a Windows Service. Add in a few console utlility apps, some batch scripting and a few "build server" setups using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET and this should start to convey the idea that our services span a quite broad spectrum.

Browse our "service" pages to learn more about what we do »


We make no bones about being database enthusiasts - our experience spans Paradox 4.0, Microsoft Access and MySql but primarily Microsoft SQL Server.

We ache when we see slow running batch jobs and users putting up with them. I was onsite with a client recently and discovered users who were kicking off a process and waiting up to 45 minutes for the results. It probably started off as 5 minutes, but over a period of months, the execution time got longer and longer until eventually it became part of the business process to wait! I spent 20 minutes trying various tactics - rewriting the procedure to be set based, adding a clustered index and covering indexes - and got the query down to 2-3 SECONDS!! I was annoyed I couldnt get it under 1 second, but hey, I was pretty happy with the overall saving!

Your stored procedures should not take hours (or even minutes) to run. Many developers come from an application perspective and the mindset is one of loops and conditions - it shows in their approach to code. Databases are a different animal and we have a set-based database mindset.

We know how to make SQL queries run fast(er). We've proven it, time and again - we've made the mistakes and learnt from them. Use us and use our experience.

Please note: We very rarely use dynamic sql. We never EVER use cursors.

For more information, see our series of SQL Server Performance Tuning articles »

Xml and "All that Jazz"

Yep. XPath. DTDs. XSLTs. We know our XML.

Specification Authors

We pride ourselves on doing a thorough job. Every project we take on for a customer or for our own internal projects has documentation.

Irrespective of whether you choose us to DO the development, we can lead you through a specification process and produce a set of specification documents that can be taken to any software vendor. Of course, we'd love you to stay so we can help with the final system, but we offer this as an independent service.

We do charge for writing specifications, even when we are doing the development - but it's a small price to pay compared to the potential cost of embarking on a piece of work without clear goal-posts in sight.

SAASy Cloud computing

We had an epiphany several years ago, when "SaaS" was becoming the new buzzword - even more so when "Cloud Computing" was coined.

To us, loosely coupling your services makes sense and is both extensible and efficient. We are architecting all our products that way now - at least, when appropriate.


Matt is quite old but Steve is even older. Way back in the last century, neither of us knew much about computers and all that! Now after many many (Steve has lost count) years experience, we do and we are happy to share our experience with other companies (for a fee!).


We charge for our services because this is what we do for a living - it is not a hobby. We are not amateurs and we do not accept second best. If you want a "cheap job", I'm afraid that is just not us.

We are thorough, experienced and professional. Having said that, we work very hard to reduce costs and offer reasonable prices so we can work within our customers budgets.

So you agree we dont just do web?

If you are still here, I suspect you now understand we are definitely more than just a "run of the mill" web company. Thanks for your time.

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Comments (2)

  1. Matt Chatterley

    As you may have noticed, I haven't written this blog as per usual (see "Author" at the top!) - it's penned by my business partner Steve - and it's his first, but hopefully not last blog post for Mattched IT!

    by Matt Chatterley (@mattchedit)
  2. Daniel

    If you need an expert to help with your CruiseControl.Net setup Mattched IT is definitely a good address. Matt has contributed some features to the project that are now in the stable release and is in good contact with the development team. So, if you need something special that does not work out of the box and you're based somewhere near Mattched IT you now know whom to call.

    Kind regards,

    CCNet committer

    by Daniel

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