Our Keyword Review - have you checked yours?

by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley
Traffic Sources November 2009 to August 2010 Which keywords do you really rank for?

About nine months ago, we published a blog post about the importance of reviewing your keywords - along with a quick review of the top 5 searches which bring traffic to our site. We had intended to revisit this twice a year, but didn't quite hit the mark!

So, here we are, slightly behind schedule, but that just means we have more data to crunch. So without further ado, here are our five top searches (and some of the funny ones) since the last post.

The most popular searches

1. how much does an ecommerce website cost or e-commerce cost
This one was top last time as well - although it contained a strange typo back then. It still points to the same place - an article which we wrote quite some time ago about the potential business cost of trying to do too much yourself! The second phrase appears further down, but for the same reasons!

2. how to start an online business shared dedicated ssl cart
During the end of last year, we received a short but significant burst of traffic against this long-tail phrase, which is a new entry in 2nd place!

3. mattched it or mattched it ltd
I've combined both of these here - in reality "mattched it ltd" came in third with "mattched it" in fifth place. Last time we did this, "mattched it ltd" wasn't in the top list, but "mattched it" was in fifth place (the same).

4. online shop marketing
Another new entry to the charts and again one of our articles (if you don't write and publish articles relating to your business then by now you should be thinking about doing it, based on these results!).

5. top10tips.co.uk seo
And finally, our news post about my contribution which was kindly published by Top 10 Tips clearly demonstrates that they've been successful in creating a buzz about their site!

And now it's comedy search time!

This would all be fairly dry and boring without the next part - which we know is the reason you're really here. Some of the peculiar searches which have brought visitors to our pages. So here we go!

1. happy new year blog
I can guess where this one led them to.. but.. why would you search for such a thing? Odd.

2. articles on amazon barriers
This was very common for some time, because we have an article on The "Trust Barrier" and your eCommerce website, which mentions Amazon in passing. So although strange, there is at least logic to this! This was in the list last time, but it's still current!

3. a site where a lot of email
One of a small spurt of queries which hit us, presumably from someone trying to harvest list of email addresses. It was more the grammar and open interpretation which amused me!

4. marketing online winkel
OK. In reality this isn't so surprising. "winkel" is actually Dutch for "shop", but firstly I found it quite interesting to see the search still bring them to us (if it was "marketing online shop" I'd be less surprised). Well. That and the fact that winkel sounds like it should be rude.

5. breast development
I'll watch my words carefully here, lest I get in trouble. Suffice to say that we have always advertised that we do all sorts of development, however, you have to draw a line in the sand eventually and I suspect this search is a couple of bunny hops past that point! It's actually because we built a website for After Breast Cancer Support Group, Jersey, some time ago. But it still raised a chuckle!

Your turn for a review!

There. All done. Do any of the above surprise you? Would you search for them and expect to find us? Did someone land on your site from a particularly obscure search that you'd care to share?

Just scroll down and fill in the little boxes - it helps to make us happy!

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Comments (13)

  1. Daniel

    In German "winkel" means something like angle, bracket or corner. I wonder if the dutch "winkel" is a small comfy corner shop? A bit off topic, but interesting. ;-)

    by Daniel
  2. Darren Kurn

    I'm not entirely sure that Microsoft.Net covers breast development, but I'm sure some would claim it does! I'd hate to see what searches hit my site!!

    I know this is wrong to say, but you'd be surprised at how many additional search hits you can get by deliberately mis-spelling words in blogs/websites. Even if the text itself is hidden. For instance, e-commerce develompent (obvious mis-spelling, but one that is so easily done!) returns less than 1000 hits!

    Also, trying to add the odd GoogleWhack can help sometimes (because, yes, people like me still dip into that particular sport occasionally!).

    Disclaimer: The above should not be taken as advice, just something to conjure up the thought demons!

    by Darren Kurn (@darrenkurn)
  3. Adam

    I can't wait for some decent data for SSLDonkey. Although my current favourite at the moment is for fake GCSE certiicates!

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't chuckle at winkle... hehehe!

    by Adam (@DonkeyInternet)
  4. Adam

    Turns out I did reply.. unless there was another one that caught my eye. Perhaps I should take the bank holiday off!

    by Adam (@DonkeyInternet)
  5. Daniel

    "... did reply ...caught my eye." rhyme rhyme.

    by Daniel
  6. Lex

    The best keyword phrase I ever saw in my analytics was someone typed in "can I just not do anything".
    Funny as hell, but why did google send this person to me? :)

    by Lex
  7. (Keywords Removed)

    I still come up for search results for services that I do not even offer anymore. I guess the databases are keeping my old pages cached even though they do not exist and my sitemap has been changed. I get my most issues for 'photo albums', which I havent offered in about 2 years.

    by (Keywords Removed) (@http://www.twitter.com/20MilesNorth)
  8. Kevin @ EAT Club

    #3 is interesting - perhaps I underestimate how useful it is just for people looking for you to be able to find you!

    by Kevin @ EAT Club
  9. Matt Chatterley

    @Kevin - when I first started really looking at website analytics, years ago, I was a bit surprised by the proportion of visitors who already know who you are - and that they want to read about you - but just need to find you.

    It's a simple one to rank for in the most (e.g it's bound to be in your website title, maybe your domain, etc) and unless your 'name' is very generic (bad anyway), should be nice and easy :)

    by Matt Chatterley (@MattchedIT)
  10. (keywords removed)

    Breast development?!

    Nevertheless, thanks for livening up my morning of otherwise dry SEO blog reading... :)

    by (keywords removed)
  11. Dave

    LOL @ Brest Development. I love it.

    by Dave
  12. Vincent

    We used to get searches for sex partners in harrow!
    All because we had a partner page and our address was harrow, Middlesex

    by Vincent
  13. Matt Chatterley

    @Vincent, fantastic! Thats one of the best ones I've heard yet! :)

    by Matt Chatterley (@MattchedIT)

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