Merry Christmas from Codentia!

by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley in Thoughts and Musings

This is the 7th time I've posted a blog to say "Merry Christmas!" to you - our wonderful clients, colleagues, collaborators and all the rest. Each of those years has been interesting to look back on, but 2015 has been a rollercoaster - in a good way.

Since June 2006 when we formed Mattched IT, Steve and I have had 'that conversation' which many entrepreneurs will be familiar with - 'Are we just throwing good money after bad? Is it time to throw in the towel and do something else?' - and thankfully both times we agreed to try for just a little longer.

Ultimately this brought us to February 2015 and the incorporation of Codentia Ltd in Jersey, where I am now resident (having grown up here, originally). Business had been good - and growing steadily - for some time and we kept talking about finally expanding our team.

Fast forward to the autumn and we were accepting applications for an Apprentice Developer - as well as taking on Sue part-time to help manage the administrative side of the business, which was beginning to get somewhat unruly (as some of you may have noticed!). Interviews brought us face to face with some great people - some of whom I'm sure we are going to encounter in their future careers - but ultimately led to where we are now, with two Apprentices as part of our full-time team.

Ciara had recently graduated from Highlands College and has a keen interest in both the creative and technical aspects of software (and web) development, and is currently on a path which will see her train as a LAMP stack developer, specialising in WordPress Websites as well as Theme and Plugin development.

Meanwhile Alex, who was just approaching the end of the Digital Jersey Coding Programme, joined us and is working on cross-skilling to Microsoft .NET, specifically C# and the MVC framework, allowing him to support both our own products and client assets which run on the Windows stack.

Both are taking responsibility for first (and increasingly second) line support and as we move into 2016, you'll be hearing from them more and more. I couldn't be more excited - we weren't sure that we'd find the right person to join our team, but we've found two. They've set the bar very high for the next set of candidates.

2016 is already promising to be even busier and even more fun, with HackJsy returning in March, the Digital Jersey Coding Programme (on which I serve as a mentor) starting in January and 'Friday Night Innovation Club' continuing throughout the year - not to mention our other initiatives such as WordPress training courses - so I hope you'll join us as the journey continues!

Christmas / New Year - Office Hours & Support 

Those of you who have been with us for a while will know that we close down completely from 18th December to 4th January when we start off the new year with full office hours again. I'll be away until 11th January, but Ciara and Alex will be on hand if you need any support.

Any new enquiries will be picked up on my return; but if you are an existing client requiring urgent assistance, please send an email to or visit our help center at - we will do our best to pick this up as quickly as possible. 

It just remains for me to say Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all (five!) of us here at Codentia. See you in 2016!

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