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Some of you may have already heard (and have helped with the beta-testing of) our new Availability Calendar. We just wanted to release a short notice here to tell everybody about it - and to explain it a little more.

It is fairly common for clients to ask that we keep them updated with respect to our upcoming availability, so that they can plan ahead when our involvement in their projects is desired (or required).

Obviously, providing this information on a regular basis is quite time-consuming, which isn't efficient for us, or for them. So, it was clearly time to practice a little of what we preach - after all, we extol the virtues of business process automation regularly.

Our Availability Calendar was born from this - now clients (or indeed anyone) can see at a glance how much work is booked into our in-house workflow system, by week, over the next six months. The data is dynamic and subject to change but still gives a more accurate picture than our update emails ever did!

Best of all, because the data comes from a system we already use as part of our business processes, we just carry on working the way we do now - and don't need to worry about doing anything new to keep the calendar updated!

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