Website Updates: July 2010


Website Updates: July 2010

We've managed to fit in some much needed maintenance on our own website, for once, and have updated the following sections:

About Mattched IT - this page has been expanded to include a bit more information on some of the people who we work with regularly. They're an important part of our team and the service which we offer, so it's vital that they get the credit they deserve.

Our online Rate Card - for the first time, we've chosen to publish a form of rate card - or at least a listing of our standard rates & fees, via our website. Traditionally we have only supplied this information upon enquiry, but we felt it might be more useful to prospective clients if they could see it up-front. It's a little wordier than a standard rate card, but contains valuable information.

Partners, Affiliates and APIs - we've added more information about the relationships we have with other companies here, including listing some of the main APIs which we perform development against - increasingly, as cloud computing goes from strength to strength, one of the major challenges facing businesses is how to tie together the disparate applications which are in use (as well as the business processes), and this is something we've been doing for a long time.

More updates will be forth-coming in the future and will be announced via our news feed. Three great ways to get the latest news:

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