Looking ahead to 2015 (and we've updated our Rates)

by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley

Towards the end of each year, we review our pricing, put it in context of the year we've had and the year we are planning - and make any necessary changes. The last time we revised them was in 2013 and a combination of factors including changes to the way we work (aimed at providing a higher level of service) as well as rising costs mean that we will be increasing our prices from 1st January 2015.

You can view full details of our new rates here.

If you are an existing client, updated fees for hosting, emails and other regularly billed services will be applied from your next renewal date. We've popped a little reminder about these changes at the bottom of our invoices, too.

Now that we've got the 'unpleasant' bit out of the way...

Noone likes putting their prices up, but sometimes it's the right thing to do - and if it helps you to deliver a higher level of service, then it's definitely right. We are definitely not 'conventional' - we may not work typical office hours every week and we might not have our own premises, but looking after our clients is really important.

It's why we introduced ZenDesk in 2012 and it's why we are always looking to make processing invoices more convenient - we got onboard with GoCardless in 2013 and will be implementing payments by BitCoin shortly.

You might notice that we've no longer got a phone number listed on our website. If you've tried to ring us, you'll have definitely noticed that you went straight to voicemail - then we got in touch with you afterwards.

One of the challenges we faced in 2014 has been handling phone calls - because we don't employ any admin staff (for many reasons). In most cases, after a short chat, we typically send you an email with further information, so, why not do away with the enquiries line altogether? Our existing clients correspond with us by email and social media - so let's encourage that.

When we started using ZenDesk, we set the requirement that support requests be initiated by email - and we are extending that to commercial requests. It means we can handle your request at the right time - get in touch and we'll arrange a consultation. That might be by Skype, on the phone, by email, or in person as appropriate, but it'll be mutually convenient.

Looking forward to 2015

Although a little premature, one of our resolutions for 2015 is to take our own advice more often. We regularly tell clients that they should constantly analyse and strive to improve their business processes - don't do things simply because "this is how these things are done". Undoubtedly this means we'll be making more changes as time goes on, but our aim is always the same - to find the best way to work with you.

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