HandmadeCrafts.co.uk - Lucky Tweet launched!

by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley
HandmadeCrafts.co.uk Lucky Tweet launched!

In celebration of the fact that @ukcrafts - the Twitter account for our Handmade Crafts Directory project - sailed past the 1000 follower landmark this morning (and is still going strong), we are launching a little lucky dip to say thanks to all the people who follow us and support the project.

If you look at http://www.handmade-crafts.co.uk/ you'll see we've been lucky enough to be supported by some lovely folks advertising on our site. But we also have three empty slots - top and bottom banners and one premium square to the side.

So in our first Handmade Crafts give-away, we are going to offer you the chance to win a one-month stay in one of those slots.

We will pick the winner of the square (premium) slot on Wednesday 3rd February 2010, the bottom banner on Thursday 4th and the top banner on Friday 5th, at 10am in the morning. To join in, you will need to tweet us the day before (so Tues 2nd for the draw on Weds 3rd) including the #hmc and #crafts tag.

All winners must comply with our advertising conditions - see site for details - and we reserve the right to pick a different winner if necessary (you can nominate a friend if your own site isn't suitable).

If you don't have a suitable banner/image, Kev Jaques at our Web Design partner MultiLayerDesign has kindly offered to do a design for you (at no charge as long as it's not too complex).

So, how do you enter? It's simple. You need to do two things to join in.

1. Go to http://www.handmade-crafts.co.uk/Pledge/SignPledge.aspx and leave a message for the crafters of the world. Once you've done this, you can join in on each day of the lucky dip just by sending us a tweet.

2. Send us the following tweet on the day before each draw - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: I'm in the @ukcrafts lucky dip, are you? http://bit.ly/ap5xRH #hmc #crafts - pls RT!

So thats it! Sign our list and send us a tweet a day and you could win some free publicity. If it's a success, we'll do it again, with a bigger prize - so please get lots of friends to join in!

Feel free to scroll down and leave us a message here as well, if you like!

Sign the Supporters list now »

Send your first tweet and join in right away »

Update: 3rd Feb 2010

The First Winner (premium 'square' advert) is.. @jennycreasey!

Update: 4th Feb 2010

The Second Winner (bottom banner advert) is.. @budhistmusician!

Update: 5th Feb 2010

The Third (and final) Winner (top banner advert) is.. @titchables!

Comments (2)

  1. MultiLayer Design

    Terrific prize there Matt :) I see a rise in crafts over the coming years more so than currently. I'd like to retire and take up carving again combined with musical instruments :)

    HMC still keeps growing, looking forward to the new things being added soon.

    by MultiLayer Design
  2. Colin@Prevent Sweating

    Will be letting my wife know of this great prize as soon as she arrives home.

    She just loves her crafts


    by Colin@Prevent Sweating

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