Special Offer on SEO returns for September!


Get your SEO Started with our Special Offer!

In April we posted a special offer on our SEO Services, which we ran right through June this year - it was very successful and we are happy to be working with new clients as a result.

Although that offer has now expired, we're running another one which will be available until the end of September 2010. Why? Because it's a great way to introduce new clients to our services - and because we feel having the right foundations is essential.

At this point, you probably have two main questions, so lets deal with them.

What do I get?

Being technically minded, we tend to over-complicate things, so lets keep this simple. Here's a list of what you get with our updated SEO offer.

  • Keyword Research to help you find the search terms you should be targetting
  • Analysis of your website (from an on-site optimisation perspective), culminating in a written report about whats good, whats bad and how you can improve
  • A ranking report showing where your site ranks now for your keywords
  • A further 12 monthly ranking reports to help you keep track of changes in your sites rankings
  • Email access to our team to ask your questions about both the website analysis and ranking reports
  • A quote breaking down the cost of making the recommended improvements to your website

And how much does it cost?

We normally charge £300.00 for our "SEO Starter Pack", but for August and September we will only be charging £225.00 - a huge saving of £75.00 or 25%! And - even better - if you commission further work from us as a result of this offer, we'll give you the same 25% discount on any on-site SEO improvements.

So what are you waiting for?

Places are limited as we only take on one SEO project per industry area (unless it is clear they will not be competing for rankings) and we are expecting the spaces in our calendar to book quickly. So if you're interested, drop us a line with any questions you have!

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