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by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley in Codentia News

If you've been working with us over the last few months (and particularly the last few weeks), you may have noticed that we've been very, very busy - and at times it's impacted on the level of service we try to provide.

Apologies are well and good - and I'm more than happy to say "Sorry!" for the times this has caused a bit of inconvenience - but in the long run it's more practical to focus on what can be done to rectify the situation. And in this case, that's fairly simple!

As you may already know, we are currently recruiting for an Apprentice Developer - applications close this Friday 28th August - and we hope to make an appointment shortly after. More information is available here:

But in addition to this, Sue has now joined our team to take over a number of tasks including most of the day-to-day administration and first-line customer support - so over the coming days and weeks you'll start to see that she'll be replying to some of your messages rather than Matt or Steve, as responsibilities are handed over. This will allow us to refocus on your projects as well as training our first apprentice (and we hope, many more).

On the subject of training, we are launching our inaugural WordPress training course, 'Installing, Configuring & Managing WordPress' on Friday this week - there's still one space left (and a substantial discount on the standard price to be had) - so get in touch if you'd like some more information.

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