A change is gonna come...

by Matt Chatterley Matt Chatterley

Codentia Tease

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw.

For Steve and myself, our journey so far with Mattched IT has involved a lot of changes - from the original idea and discussion we had over a fry-up in a cafe in Portsmouth (this one, in fact), to where we are now has been a long journey (9 years!), but also one which has forced us to change how we think about our industry, our clients and ourselves in many ways.

Since I moved back to Jersey in 2008, the future of the company has been the subject of some debate and following a very busy 2014, it's clear that we need to move forwards and the structure we have in place does not readily allow us to do so.

Therefore, over the coming months, you are going to hear more and more about "Codentia", our new company, recently formed in Jersey - and less about "Mattched IT". The new business will ultimately be taking on our existing clients and we will contact you all individually regarding this in due course.

Primarily, this move gives us the opportunity to grow our team, something we will be focussing on once the move is complete and the dust has settled a little - I know many of you will be glad to hear this, as more capacity will help us to better fulfil your requirements.

In brief, over the next couple of months, you can expect:

  • Our website to move to http://www.code.je/ with a refreshed look & content
  • Email addresses will change to @code.je (old addresses will be forwarded)
  • Us to get in touch with you about updating contracts and account details (if you're a client)


There are a couple of other exciting announcements in the pipeline, but at the moment we have to focus on one thing at a time.

All that remains is to say thank you for following and supporting us through our journey so far - and we hope you will continue to do so for the next nine years and beyond!

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